Harnessing Technology for Social Good with SUSS

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Empowering Innovation Through Applied Learning. 

As Singapore’s elderly population continues to grow, the importance of gerontology becomes increasingly crucial in addressing the evolving needs of an aging society. In support of the well-being of our senior community and the education of future generations, the SUSS-Nunchi Marine Age Well Programme has acquired two AI robots – LOVOT from Japan. This initiative aims to foster innovation among gerontology students and facilitate effective learning in the classroom by incorporating technology.

The integration of LOVOT, combined with technology, goes beyond its academic application; it extends to the realm of enhancing the overall well-being experience for our seniors. By providing a source of entertainment and companionship, LOVOT’s integration is envisioned to contribute significantly to the holistic care and happiness of our elderly population.

The infusion of cutting-edge technology to augment the learning experience is poised to be integrated into the forthcoming curriculum, commencing from January 2022. This forward-thinking approach seeks to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities posed by an aging society, ensuring a comprehensive education that addresses both the theoretical and practical aspects of gerontology.

In collaboration with Singapore University of Social Sciences
January 2022 onwards