Sponsorship for Chingay 2023 – Embrace Tomorrow

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Once again, Nunchi Marine is proud to be one of the official sponsors for Chingay 2023.

This year, Chingay Parade Singapore is back to F1 Pit where colourful and vibrant performances of arts, culture, and heritage were put up to celebrate the spring festival.

Chingay 2023’s theme – Embrace Tomorrow calls on Singaporeans to treasure the present and embrace tomorrow together as a community with hope, dream, and confidence as we commit to a brighter Singapore.

Nunchi Marine’s unwavering support for the Chingay Parade Singapore begun since 2021 when the world entered the pandemic phase but the dreams and hopes of Singaporeans continued to thrive through the years to now – where the lights of Chingay Parade are reignited in roaring celebratory success.