A Dedication to Animals Protection through Advocacy and Education

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In Nunchi Marine, our ESG goes beyond humanitarian work.

We frame our ESG approach towards the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) framework developed by United Nation, which encompasses human well-being, sustainable economies, education and equality, innovation, environmental protection, and animals protection etc.

Community Cats are common sights and found at the heart of many neighbourhoods in Singapore. Currently there are more than 50,000 feral cats living on the streets of Singapore taken care of kind volunteers.

“Moving Meowtains” is a campaign run by Cat Welfare Society in a bid to engage and educate the public on Responsible Cat Ownership and Responsible Cat Caregiving. Taking care of the community cats is a long, tedious and money-consuming process which requires the sustained effort and cooperation from members of the public.

To support animal protection through advocacy and education, Nunchi Marine donated $15,000 to Cat Welfare Society to fund its community engagement programme to help creating a sustainable impact on the community cats lives. Through public awareness on responsible cat ownership and caregiving, we can slowly help to curb the community cats issue from the root.