Sponsorship for Singapore Indian Orchestra & Choir (SIOC)

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Singapore is known for her multiculturalism with a congregation of different ethnic groups. Our rich diversity is what makes our cultural heritage unique.

In Nunchi Marine, our beliefs are aligned with the nation’s. Being made up of multicultural and diverse team ourselves, we are supportive towards an inclusive society that embraces diversity across racial and ethnic groups. To pledge our support in promoting an inclusive and diverse culture, we sponsor Singapore Indian Orchestra & Choir (SIOC) in building their new home and training ground as they relocate to a new space in Our Tampines Hub (OTH).

SIOC is a performing arts group established by People’s Association since 1985. With 38 years of performing Indian music with its wide range of traditional and contemporary repertoire, SIOC is the one of the world’s largest semi-professional groups to showcase its unique ethnic and culture. With more than three decades of showcasing Indian cultural music, SIOC has participated in various local and overseas performances and competitions, and brought glory to Singapore.

Nunchi Marine is very proud to support SIOC and their talents to shine on stages and showcase the rich culture of one of Singapore’s main races.