Steering the right path


At Nunchi Marine, we believe that an organisation is defined by more than its business activities. Hence, throughout the company, we have been inspired to step up to make a difference in the community.

We are committed to investing time and resources to make a positive and lasting impact for others.

For the greater good of society, we aspire to influence others in the community in every small act.

Supporting #SGunited
Helping Our Country Recover and Rebuild

In 2020, the world faced great challenges when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. To mitigate job losses, the Singapore government announced the Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) during Budget 2020. This scheme provided wage support to help companies retain and support their local employees during the period of economic uncertainty.

At Nunchi Marine, with the means to support our employees without additional financial assistance, we declined all JSS payouts so more companies were able to benefit from the support of our government.

We seek to do our part to drive forward our economic recovery as we move towards a new normal in Singapore and the world.

As a company, we reflect our integrity and shared community spirit by stepping up to make a difference in times of difficulty.

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Our People, Our Cause
Empowering Our Staff to Give Back

We believe every individual has a cause that speaks to their heart.

In Nunchi Marine, we empower all our staff to support their charitable causes by nominating a non-profit organisation of choice each year. This encourages personal engagement and more meaningful giveback with ownership and responsibility. 

Anchoring to one of our core values – Social Responsibility, every staff of Nunchi Marine is empowered to do our part by lending a helping hand to a cause we strongly believe in.

Our ESG Activities

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