Powering vessels throughout the world

Smooth Sailing Bunker Fulfilment

We share your goal of transporting vessels and cargo safely to their destinations. Guided by a robust safety culture, Nunchi Marine provides professional and fuss-free bunkering services across global ports with minimal turnaround time.

With vast connection to global physical suppliers including majors across worldwide ports, we are able to exercise flexibility and offer quality fuel grades at competitive pricing. With our in-house bunker operations team, we serve as a one-stop service centre to fulfil your global bunker requirement and resolve challenges with maximum efficiency.

Worldwide ports coverage

Comprehensive range of fuel & related products


Competitive fuel pricing

Timely coordination with  relevant authorities & representatives

Expert know-how in resolving challenges

Making Waves as a Global Bunkering Port

Singapore is the world’s top bunkering port, connected to 600 ports in over 120 countries. Singapore’s port lifts more than 40 million tonnes of bunkers annually and is the gold standard bearer for bunkering services.


With stringent bunkering standards set by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, customers are assured that fuels contracted and supplied by Nunchi Marine are aligned to the industry’s best practices.