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Defining, regulating and upholding our ethical standards

At Nunchi Marine, we are committed to complying with all relevant governing laws and regulations that are applicable to our business and operations.

Acknowledging the importance of adhering to applicable compliance requirements, Nunchi Marine’s Corporate Compliance Policy forms the framework for the company to always act in accordance with the international rule, norms, and best practices, to demonstrate fairness, reliability, so as to uphold its values of being a trusted and reliable trading partner.

Our guiding policies lay the foundation of Nunchi Marine’s ethical standards, which are to be undertaken by all staff and members of the company:

Anti-Bribery &
Anti-Corruption Policy​

Anti-Money Laundering &
Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy


  • Nunchi Marine is committed to the implementation, maintenance and continued review of such policies in its business practices and processes.
  • All staff and employees of Nunchi Marine shall comply with the letter and spirit of laws under such policies, fulfilling their social responsibilities at a high ethical level under the principles set out by company.
  • Management will not only lead by example, acting as role models, but will also work to promote it within the organization to ensure all staffs and members of the company will act in accordance with the provisions as set out in the respective guiding policies.

With these policies in mind, everyone at Nunchi Marine will do their utmost to be a trusted company to all stakeholders and trading partners.