Privacy Statement

Introduction and Scope

The purpose of this document (“Privacy Statement”) is to inform you of how Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd manages Personal Data (as defined below) which is subject to the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (No. 26 of 2012) (the “Act” or “PDPA”).

Please take a moment to read this “Privacy Statement”, so that you know and understand the purpose for which we collect, use and disclose your Personal Data.

By interacting with us, submitting information (including Personal Data) to us, you agree and consent to Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd collecting, using, disclosing and sharing your Personal Data, and disclosing such Personal Data to the authorised personnel, which includes service providers and relevant third parties as appointed by Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd, in the manner as set forth in this “Privacy Statement”.

This “Privacy Statement” supplements but does not supersede nor replace any other consents and / or agreements which you may have previously provided to Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd in respect of your Personal Data, and your consents herein are additional to any rights which our company may have at law to collect, use or disclose your Personal Data.

Personal Data

For purposes of this “Privacy Statement”, “Personal Data” means any information and data, whether true or not, through which we can identify you as an individual, (a) from the data collected; or (b) from the data and other information to which we have or are likely to have access, including in our records as may be updated from time to time, as further described below (Types of Personal Data We Collect From You).

Types of Personal Data We Collect From you

  The types of personal data we collect from you include but not limited to:

Corporate Clients / Individuals
  • Client’s contact information (name, address, phone no., email address)
  • Client’s personal details (name, NRIC number / FIN number / Passport number, country of origin, country of residence, citizenship, nationality)
  • Client’s financial information (bank account number, statements and any other banking details)
  • Job applicant’s personal details (name, NRIC number / FIN number / Passport number, gender, date of birth, race/ethnicity, citizenship, nationality, marital status, family background, languages spoken or written, personal income)
  • Job applicant’s educational and professional qualifications (highest education level, academic qualifications and certifications, schools attended, membership of professional bodies, certifications)
  • Job applicant’s professional and work experience (job title, occupation, employment history, employment pass status, work experience, curriculum vitae)

KYC information. 

As a matter of internal policy within Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd, the company may need to conduct “Know Your Client” (KYC) identification procedures from time to time, as and when required. During such KYC process, we collect following information which includes but not limited to the details of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) of our clients: first and family name, copy of ID, nationalities, tax residence, private/residential address, phone number, email address, date of birth, marital status, profession and actual function.

How We Share Your Personal Data

We share your Personal Data with the following parties:
  • Your Personal Data will be shared among staff and employees of Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd who are authorised to receive such, and that may use your Personal Data as described in this “Privacy Statement” for internal administrative purposes, management purposes, analytical purposes and other business-related  purposes.
  • We may from time to time engage third party service providers (which includes but not limited to agents, brokers, inspection agencies/companies, operational and logistical service providers, banks, financial institutions, etc)  to provide services on our behalf, which may have access to your Personal Data.  In providing their services, they will access, receive, maintain or otherwise process Personal Data on our behalf.  Our agreements with these service providers do not permit use of your Personal Data beyond the purposes as set out between Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd and them.  Consistent with applicable legal requirements, we take commercially reasonable steps to require third parties to adequately safeguard your Personal Data and only process it in accordance with our instructions.
  • In the event of a legal requirement under the instruction of a Regulator, Court or Government body, we will disclose your Personal Data if disclosure is required by law or in the context of an investigation, regulatory requirement, judicial proceeding, court order or legal process served on us, or to protect the rights or safety of our company.
  • In relation to corporate transaction, information about our clients, including Personal Data, may be disclosed as part of any merger, sale, transfer of Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd’s assets, acquisition, bankruptcy, or similar event.
  • With consent, we also disclose information about you, including Personal Data to any other third party where you have consented or requested that we do so.

How We Manage And Protect Your Personal Data

To ensure proper handling of Personal Data, Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd will take reasonable steps to ensure that your Personal Data are properly secured using various appropriate security control measures (systematic, human, physical and technical), so that they are protected against leakage, unauthorised or unlawful use, alteration, unauthorised access or disclosure, accidental or wrongful destruction, and loss.

This is formulated with respect to Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd’s Information Management Policy.

We implement security control measures for personal data in accordance with specific internal rules, of which the gist is as follows.

1. Systematic Security Control Measures Appropriate systematic control measures, including the development of an organizational structure and regulations.

2. Human Security Control Measures

Appropriate supervision to prevent information leakage and inappropriate use of information by staff and members of the company.

3. Physical Security Control Measures Physical measures for facilities, systems to prevent people without legitimate access rights from accessing or compromising information assets.

4. Technical Security Control Measures Appropriate technical measures for systems to ensure appropriate use of information assets.  

Understanding The External Environment

Security control measures are implemented based on an understanding of the system related to protection of personal information in the countries where personal data is stored.

Data Retention

Nunchi Marine Pte Ltd shall retain your Personal Data for as long as required to satisfy the purpose for which they were collected and used unless a longer period is necessary for our legal obligations or to defend a legal claim. The Personal Data that we collect of ultimate beneficial owners is retained for ten (10) years to cover the different requirements under national legislation of the countries where such data is collected.

Governing Law

This “Privacy Statement” and the use of this website shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Singapore.

Contacting Us

If you have any queries about this Privacy Statement or our handling of your Personal Data and information in general, please email us at [email protected] and be sure to indicate the nature of your query.  Otherwise, give us a call at +65 6863 6868.

Changes To This Privacy Statement

Nunchi Marine may from time-to-time update this “Privacy Statement” to ensure that this “Privacy Statement” is consistent with our future developments, industry trends and/or any changes in the legal or regulatory requirements. Changes to this Statement will take effect when they are posted on our website. Please visit our website periodically to note any changes.