Empower Tomorrow’s Leaders: Support SportCares’ Holiday Sports Program

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Many children from low-income families face academic setbacks due to limited access to learning opportunities, especially during school holidays. Enrichment courses, which are often unavailable to them, contribute to a growing educational divide. Additionally, the lack of parental support, frequently stemming from parents’ work commitments, further compounds the challenges these children encounter.

This long December school holiday, we had a wonderful opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of children from low-income families through the SportCares initiative. We believe in the power of sports not just for physical well-being but also as a tool to bridge educational gaps and provide a supportive environment during the school holidays.

Nunchi Marine participated in the fundraising challenge, contributing $10,000 to SportCares’ School Holiday Programme (SHP) – Bowling SHP @ Orchid Bowl. This initiative was organized to engage children from low-income families, providing them with a meaningful sports experience during the extended December holiday, enriching their month-long break through the spirit of sports.