Fresh Start Home: Creating The Turning Point for Women Seeking A Safe Haven

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The Turning Point is a Christian charity organisation that helps women seeking a place of refuge, particularly lending a helping hand to female drug abuser to overcome drug addiction. With more than 20 years of committed and dedicated care towards women at risk, The Turning Point runs a successful Rehabilitation Programme and has helped several women to move on from their past life of addiction and crime.

In line with Nunchi Marine’s ESG tagline – Stepping Up To Make a Difference, we believe that every human makes mistakes and is deserving of a second chance. With a given opportunity and being conditioned in safe and supportive environment, one has the potential to rebuild a fresh life and reintegrate into the society.

The Turning Point’s meaningful initiative of Fresh Start Home aims to acquire a house equipped with essential necessities, to accommodate ex-offenders and provide them with a stable and supportive living environment during their reintegration process. With the basic requirements of safety, comfort, and support accessibility, this will enable them to transit successfully and build a solid foundation for their future.

Nunchi Marine is very happy to be contributing to the Fresh Start Home initiative, and plays a part in building a dignified living space and creating a turning point to make a difference in these women’s lives.