Spreading Joy and Community Spirit: SUSS-Nunchi Marine Age Well Programme’s Chinese New Year Outreach 2024

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In the spirit of spreading joy during Chinese New Year, the SUSS-Nunchi Marine Age Well Programme brought cheer through three initiatives, creating memorable moments that transcended generational boundaries and fostered a sense of togetherness and inclusivity:

Celebration with Orange Valley Woodlands Peak Active Ageing Centre (AAC) – 19 Feb: The programme team joined the AAC for a celebratory event. The atmosphere was excited and joyous as volunteers and residents came together. There were pre-recorded greeting videos, an introduction to traditional Chinese exercise (Ping Shuai Gong), creative craft activities and photo opportunities with Chingay props. VR headsets and LOVOT robots were also introduced to enhance well-being through innovative technology. The event brought smiles and strengthened community bonds among participants.

Celebration with SingHealth Outram Community Hospital – 21 Feb: The programme continued its mission by hosting an event at the hospital. Participants engaged in warm-up crafts and showcases, followed by a Chinese New Year song sing-along that created a harmonious atmosphere. A craft activity provided a therapeutic outlet for creativity. VR headsets and LOVOTs showcased how technology can enhance well-being of seniors in healthcare settings. The shared experiences and communal spirit symbolised the ongoing mission to promote holistic health and community.

SUSS-PA Chingay Watch Party – 24 Feb: In collaboration with PA, a large-scale Chingay Watch Party was hosted, attended by over 1500 elderly participants across 28 organisations. The festivities were graced by esteemed guests, including Mayor Ms. Low Yen Ling, PA Director Ms. Tan Swee Leng, and SUSS NSHD Dean Dr. Lim Lee Ching.

Nunchi Marine gifted a total of 118 sets of Yusheng, 53 sets of calligraphy, 15 sets of CNY goodies, 1370 lightsticks, and 2110 limited edition red-coloured Age Well T-shirts to 30 centres, ensuring that the festive spirit reached every corner. The event featured a diverse and culturally rich programme, including icebreakers, greetings from programme heads, lion dances, drumming performances, handicraft demos, and a CNY sing-along by Cedar Girls’ School Choir, leading up to a spectacular Chingay Party live screening from the F1 Pit. We were glad that these events created lasting connections through shared experiences of celebrations, crafts, performances and community spirit.